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Shady Lane - Dumb Hope (Acoustic)

4y ago


Jordy Lane isn't Jordie Lane, and Shady Lane was his grandfather's nickname, but he didn't know that when he came up with it. All of that kept me confused for a while. Shady Lane also have an album out - a very good one called Built Guilt that you should definintely own - and Jordy graciously came and sat on a decorative park box round the back of Oxford Street and bashed out two absolute little charmers from it, nothing but an old guitar with barely enough frets on it for company. The album itself goes off in spirals of creativity, blood going to it in thousands of ways, with bloopy keyboards and unusual noise interventions all over the place. It's a confusing listen, but like looking at the ocean, you just *know* there's some powerful stuff behind all the foaming and the movement. Here though you get a nice sense of where it all starts, the currents beneath. Get more Lane in your life at See the full session at