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Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Shaddorry - 20min BassBoost Megamix of the best f*ckin dubstep tracks [HD]

4y ago


check these drops. !!!NOTE: THIS TRACK WILL REALLY SUCK BALLS IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PROPER SUBWOOFER AND DON'T PLAY THIS IN HD!!! **PLAYLIST** Obsidia - Nexus Sinister souls - 3D Borgore - Saturday Night Bare Noize - Chucky wanna play Bassnectar - Here We Go Chrispy - Partybus (vangaboys - we like to party dubstep rmx) Alphamale Primates - Kinder Surprise (Artis Unknown) - Saw theme (Dubstep Remake) Beatnick - Drop the world (Dubstep RMX) Borgore - Ice Cream Doctor P - Sweetshop Ekstrak - MassDampers Ultrablack - Bear Trap Idiom - Placebo *The free download is on soundcloud. (Link down Here:)