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rick fox

rick fox

Shad - Real Game

2y ago


(Let's talk about the greats, yeah) Larry bird couldn't fly, but he never went stale 'cause he could pass to Danny Ainge or Kevin McHale and they rarely failed to bury the basket Bob Cousy could pass it too, very fantastic players with sick game but not insane the only pistol Pete Maravich had was in his nickname and it's a shame that the dummies on our block would rather bunny hop than listen to Red Auerbach There they go again. Whenever I'm talking ball with a white friend, he gotta pipe in Talking 'bout, "I miss how they used to play in Cousy's day," Well, at least they could shoot a J Well, ok, now, Larry Bird had a fine career Full of jackin' ugly J's from behind his ear Even had some militant brothers inclined to cheer From '79 and up until his final year But McHale was dirty, frail and nerdy You can't even rate him on the same scale with Worthy Put that talk in your dreams. McHale fought with Kareem Cause Kevin sharpened his elbows and popped in the screens Yeah, he popped his elbows and caused a swelled nose or two But it's true didn't shoplift shell toes Ask Chris Webber how he went and got his swell clothes in college from his economics knowledge? hell no velcro couldn't stick closer to John Stockton in the defensive pose. I got the poster and no, he didn't have Malone's chest and pipes he was the brains like Harrelson with Wesley Snipes So, you say Stock's got the most brains But that's just cause he's slow with no game, and vericose veins Fo sho tho, now some of y'all are so so But the last white boy I seen with a ring was Frodo Well, Michael's got six, and Russell's got eleven All Stock has is daisy dukes and he's a legend To every Nazi clown in a WASPy town Still playing in shorts shorter than Foxy Brown You can talk about the shorts and even the jerseys But you know you got to pass it to a whitey for a sure three (true) Without John Paxson, or Steve Kerr You never would-a seen a Bulls three-peat t-shirt And leave your Nazi talk at the station Craig Hodges taught his kid to hate caucasians Got a strong case and you can't deny it Just look at the kids face in the Pacers riot Yeah, yeah, okay I was appalled myself But it's not like David Stern or Bill Walton helped And there's no denying Steve Kerr could shoot the long three But dude, c'mon B, Perdue and Longley? Check the figures: Payton strips, tends to dishin' the rock And Big Ben Wallace was always sick with the swats Well, you always had a point, but now's not the time To be bringing up the numbers when you dropped your rhymes If you calculate the leaders, at the top you'll find It's Kirilenko and Nash first, in blocks and dimes Plus, it's Stock, not Payton first in all-time steals Maybe your boys're too busy keepin' it real (can't argue with that) oh dirty there's stuff goin on, you don't even understand, man Check it Now, the man's got some plans, y'all. I'm statin' the facts First the military's gonna say it's a draft, But that's just so they can send LeBron James to Iraq Then they'll lock up Abdul Rahim with the Patriot Act See it was their game, now they plan on taking it back And see all the Barry brothers go straight to the rack Plus the refs always help the farm boys from the back woods C'mon. Y'all didn't think that Nash was that good? (I did.) Now, officials take illegal funds to hide the stats So, the zebras always got more white stripes then black More White Stripes than Jack and Meg Like, ever wonder why Stock still passed to Greg when the ball would just smack his hand Questions and actions have to beg Stakes is high like De La? at the keg? First it was one sixteenth black and that's what your race is Now, they wanna change it to claim J. Kidd That's clear divide and conquer, y'all so stay smart Mike Bibby, Rick Fox and K-Mart stay dark, brothers "raises up!" Shad, you're wasting you brains, no one's taking your claims Quit rapping and grab your kicks, man; we're late for the game. See he's the type of guy who has the stats ...