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girl thing

girl thing

Sexism in geek culture

4y ago


Sorry geek culture, no free passes! More videos on Sexism in Geek Culture: MORE LINKS BELOW! The blog post I mentioned: Another blog post on the image: The other videos I mentioned: Internet Misogyny, Trolls and Gendered Comment Abuse: Buffy and Willow - Fictional Female Role Models: Info on Feminist Frequency's harassment: FemFreq's website - The Mary Sue - Ill Doctrine - All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones - "Science: It's a Girl Thing!": The ridiculous video: Sources for the two cartoon images I used: 'Marie Curie' - 'Pink math' - More links: "To My Someday Daughter" on sexism in gaming - "Lara Croft and rape stories: breaking down the bitch" - Geek Feminism - This Dame: YouTube: Tumblr: Twitter: Those Pesky Dames: Tumblr: Twitter: Facebook: