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sexual addiction

sexual addiction

Sex Addiction

2y ago


Now available on DVD: This episode provides the rare privilege of hearing from an outspoken retired family court judge from Alberta who spent 22 years resolving all kinds of parental disputes. We will have a frank and candid discussion and I have invited him to unleash his most forthright insights into the family justice system. He will also tell us why he left the court in 1997 to pursue what he believes is a much healthier and effective way to help parents resolve their conflicts. Guest: Judge Michael Porter (ret?d) Judge Porter was admitted as an English solicitor in 1964 and called to the Bar of Alberta in 1968. He practiced a wide variety of law in Jasper, Alberta, up to his appointment as a Provincial Judge in 1975. He sat in the Provincial Court on a rural circuit for 15 years and then from 1990 to 1997, in Calgary. He thereafter sat as Deputy Judge part time in the Tax Court of Canada over the next 10 years. Since 1997, Judge Porter has developed an extensive private mediation and arbitration practice and has conducted over 3000 mediations and arbitrations, in matters as diverse as insurance, construction, business and family matters. He has sat chairman of a National Professional Disciplinary Committee. He remains actively involved in his conflict resolution business, helping to settle and adjudicate on all kinds of matters. Guest: Judge Michael Porter (Ret'd). Given the advent of the Internet with its seemingly limitless availability of sexually explicit content, it should come as no surprise that this can be a serious challenge for many people suffering from potentially addictive personalities. What are sexual addictions? How does such an addiction develop? What is the impact on relationships and families when a parent is suffering from a sexual addiction? What are the signs that partners and loved ones should look for if a sexual addiction is suspected? How, if at all, do sexual addictions affect one?s parenting capacity? What help is available for people suffering from sexual addictions and their partners? Join Justice Brownstone as he probes all of these issues with experts in the field. Guests: Doris Vincent, Cathy Patterson-Sterling, Andrew McWhinnie.