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walk among us

walk among us

Seven Gods-7.7.'07-Eye of God

4y ago


The day has come! Seven Gods come alive on 7th 7 '07,the day of the eye of God. The tune is titled "The Seven Gods walk among us",the 4th tune in the Album named "Seven Gods" by Bruixa & the wonder worker. (From liner notes with an explanation) In Japan,there is a legend of "The Seven Gods". There is the only one and absolute God in Christianity, but there are plural gods in Buddhism. Generally, gods are regarded as strict beings in any religion.But The Seven Gods in Japan are quite different. They are always cheerful. They are always laughing. They like drinking, singing, and dancing very much. That is, they love a party very much. In a sense, they are very happy Gods. As a matter of fact, the word, SHICHIFUKUJIN(The Seven Gods in Japanese), means "The Seven Lucky Gods" or "The Seven Happy Gods" in Japanese. The Seven Gods suddenly appeared to me on January 25, 2004. Around 5:00 in the morning on that day, I was lying in bed, but I was awake. Suddenly, BENZAITEN(the only female god of The Seven Gods), wearing beautiful and colorful KIMONO, appeared to me, with 3 girls, her servants, wearing pink KIMONO. Catching me by the hands, they pulled my spirit out of the body and took me toward the ceiling. There were The Seven Gods, having a party all together in a circle. "I wanna go back to my body. Get back my spirit." I was scared. They burst out into laughing, "Wow! She is scared at us! " Then they began to sing a song. It seemed to me that the words of the song were ancient Japanese. They were singing together to a very slow rhythm, beating time with their hands. A fat uncle was shaking a mallet of luck instead of percussion. I was really surprised. First of all, I didn't know the reason, for I have never ever believed in them before. Still now I have no idea.But they might think it was easy for them to ask me, for I've been very psychic since I was born. They have begun to send music to me since the middle of November, 2004. I was in trouble and exhausted at first, for they continued sending music to me day after day for many months. "They want me to realize their music." I came to find. Then I decided and started to make musical composition in MIDI from April, 2005. The recording was finally realized on 15 August, 2005. It seems that I'm a kind of channeler who should receive a message from the spiritual world. I'm very glad to make their music realized at last. Their message is "Diversity". They hope that all the people in the world should cooperate with each other , accepting "Diversity", beyond the difference of race, religion, and so on. All the members of the band live in NY. All the members except me are American. NY is known as a city of "Diversity". The members of the recording were made of 5 races in fact. Oriental(me), Black, Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Native American. I know the issue of race is very difficult to talk in USA. But I'm happy, for I could make music with the musicians of various races, symbolizing "Diversity" of NY. And I'm rather proud of that. I would like many people to listen to the music.