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registered charity

registered charity

Send a Child to School in India

4y ago


Seva Mandir supports rural communities run Shiksha Kendras (formerly known as Non Formal Education Centres) for children 6-14 years old. These children have no access to education due to socio-economic reasons. The Shiksha Kendras are single teacher schools that extends quality education to tribal children. The environment is one of joy and learning. 180 such Shiksha Kendra reach out to over 5,000 children every year. This video explains how a teacher makes the learning for these children a joyful experience. For more details please visit Seva Mandir is a registered charity in South Rajasthan.It works with over 600 villages and has been operational since 1968. Its work focuses on health, education, agriculture, women empowerment, children and youth development, protecting and managing farms and forests and building democratic village groups.