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Staff Picks

SEMILLA maestros say good-bye to Roskruge Elementary School

4y ago


The Tucson, Arizona, U of A's Grupo Semilla or SEED group acts as assistant teachers as part of their curriculum of studies in the USA. Here they gather to dance and to say good-bye to their students. The teachers are from all over Mexico and two of the maestras are from Guatemala. Roskruge Elementary School is near our downtown and is a bi-lingual school, for children who would like to read and to write in more than just one language, to expand their horizons and to multiply their future career choices. The Semilla teachers apply for scholarships to come to America and study here for one year. Only the very best applicants are chosen, so these teachers are extremely special people. They take all that they see and do and learn here in the US and use it to become the best teachers that they can be when back home amongst their students there. Their students way back in their pueblos presently miss them very much. We shall miss them very much when they leave here to return to their families and teaching. I looked everywhere for music for this slideshow. I am often criticized by Mexican viewers for using Cuban or otherwise music. Youtube offers few free MP3s that are Mexican. So, I found this Oaxacan music online to use, as it is closer to where most of the teachers, but not ALL of the teachers, come from.....NOW you have learned something about the music of Oaxaca, too. Oh, I also want to say that I took many pictures from behind people to show the maestros how David Villasenor, a very popular Mexican painter, gets his inspiration for his paintings. I told them to take these photos and use them to make paintings when they get back home, paintings to sell to tourists who visit their area. It is less intimidating for new painters to be able to paint people from behind. I am giving them each a cd of these photos. They also have taken many photos of their own. Most have gotten cameras to record their adventures !!!!