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hot dogs

hot dogs

SEGA's New 'Project Dural' CONSOLE?! Plus Resident Evil 2 is Delayed, Star Fox 64 Reviewed & CHEATZ!

4y ago


E3 may be over, but we've got some BITCHIN' news to help celeberate your independence day! Our sources in J-Town have the latest on Sega's upcoming console codenamed 'Project Dural,' Resident Evil 2 is delayed, and a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D?! RADICAL! In our Review Rapid Fire, M&T share their scores for Star Fox 64, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and Fighters MegaMix. Righteous! Finally, we've got an EPIC Cheat Sheet for you, with access to a super-secret CHEAT SCREEN on Playstation's Independence Day, as well as Beach Ball Mode for NBA Jam Extreme. Wait until your friends see these! SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an update! Max Scoville on Twitter Tara Long on Twitter