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4y ago


Resources/recommended: --- Underling's video intro to his excellent list of resources on belief and science issues: Research mentioned: - Ipsos MORI on declining UK Christianity: - Majority of UK and US now express support for same-sex marriage: - Costing the Heavens (National Secular Society study of hospital chaplaincy costs): - Faith primary schools: better schools or better pupils? Gibbons, S. & Silva, O: Archbishops' anti-same-sex marriage letter sent to 2500 churches, 385 schools: Letter read aloud by Vincent Nichols at Catholic Education Service send letter and petition to schools: Andrew Copson (British Humanist Association) on secular issues: (item begins at 30 second mark) Bernard Lynch (Catholic priest) speaks in support secularism: Faith schools documentary: - If the above link doesn't work in your country, try: Becky Fischer: "Children are so usable in Christianity": Proselytizers playing the victim: The truth behind the 'crosses banned from workplace' myth: 'In God We Teach" (teacher plays victim after preaching in the classroom):