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the oceans

the oceans

SeaWeb's Ocean Voices with Juliet Eilperin - Journalism, Seafood Sustainability, and Sharks

4y ago


Juliet Eilperin, national environmental reporter for the Washington Post, sat down with SeaWeb and discussed her experiences and insights on the importance of journalism in moving environmental conservation forward and how she shifts between her role as a reporter and author. Eilperin continues with a glimpse into her love affair with the ocean's most misunderstood animal, sharks, the subject of her book Demon Fish. The ever-evolving conversation about sustainability pertaining to the oceans is addressed and specifically how it is affecting global fisheries. Special thanks to Juliet for her time and insights into these critical issues. Thanks also for contributions from: Fiona Ayerst, Lost Nomad Media, the Gap2 Project, the Marine Photobank and their many gracious photographers, Music from