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the pacific

the pacific

SEA PAC Ham Radio Hamfest - Part 3

4y ago


I attended the SEA-PAC Convention June 2, 2012 in Seaside Or. I have been attending this hamfest for several years. They really put on a very nice hamfest and it is well attended. Seaside is a resort town on the Pacific coast in northern Oregon. So besides the hamfest, there are loads of tourist activities to keep you busy. My SEA-PAC videos are posted in four parts. I spent time interviewing the various manufacturers talking about their new introductions announced at the Dayton Hamvention hamfest and other interesting bits. Part 1 - Introduction, views of the hamfest, bits from the forums of Chris W6HFP and Budd W3FF of Buddipole and Chip K7JA from CQ Magazine. Part 2 - Interviews with, Ray N9JA and David KE7ETX. Ray of Icom talks about Icom's involvement with the Boy Scouts. David of AMP-3 is very active in posting videos on youtube and sells first aid kits and radio bags. Part 3 - Interviews with Greg AB7R, Phil N4DRO and Jim AF6PU. Greg is an Elecraft volunteer and talks about his experiences with the new Elecraft KX3. Phil from Kenwood describes Kenwood's new TS-990 HF transceiver introduced at Dayton. Jim is from Elk Antennas, they sell some very interesting small V/UHF beams that are useful for portable and satellite work. Part 4 -- Interviews with Greg K5GJ and Dennis K7BV. Greg is with Flex Radio. At Dayton Flex introduced a new family of SDR HD transceivers with loads of new interesting technology and features. Dennis of Yaesu also describes Yaesu's Dayton introduction of their new FTDX3000 HF transceiver and FT1D digital and analog HT. To make your viewing easier, all videos are less than 15 minutes long. Enjoy, vote THUMBS UP, subscribe to my youtube channel, and please tell your friends to watch my videos. Randy K7AGE Music by