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Staff Picks

Sea Otter Pup Covers Eyes with Paws

4y ago


About this video: As seen on CBS News, Huffington Post, CuteOverload, and Jezebel! A young otter has a lot of lessons to learn! How to groom his fur, what to eat, and even how to sleep! Wild sea otters spend between 50 and 60% of their time resting, taking breaks between feeding, grooming, and socializing throughout the day and night. Often otters rest with their paws over their eyes, perhaps because it is a comfortable position in which to keep their short paws out of the cold water. For more information and exclusive content, check out the new Otter 501 webStory at Otter 501: A webStory uses a web-based multimedia platform to provide a compelling and immersive experience to introduce the world of the sea otter. The feature-length film OTTER 501, a documentary of an otter's real life, opened in theaters in spring of 2012! Visit the OTTER 501 facebook events page to find out where you can see it: Or visit our website to book a screening: You can help protect sea otters by donating to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Research and Conservation program: Also, check out our adorable videos of the baby otter who stars in OTTER 501!: Film Description: A storm grows, a sea otter pup is separated from her mother, and a young woman bound for adventure blows in to town. On a windswept beach these lives collide and an entire species' survival gets personal. Katie and our playful pup, otter number 501, learn to navigate the opportunities and risks of life without anchor while we see the incredible efforts people have undertaken to return sea otters from the brink of extinction. Framed against the strikingly beautiful Monterey Bay coastline we discover just how serious this threat remains. Their adventure, unexpected as it was, illustrates what we can do to protect the southern sea otter...and ourselves.