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- Music - Scott Vener, Music Curator - TWiMusic #42

2y ago


In this episode of TWiM, Ian interviews Scott Vener, Music Curator behind hit shows such as Entourage, How to Make It in America, and 90210. Scott's love for new music earned him one of the keenest ears for up-and-coming artists. Which careers did Scott help launch? Watch the segment to find out! Listen to Ian's favorite tracks exclusively on MOG at 0:00 I'm here today with Scott Vener, the man behind the music for shows like Entourage, How to Make It in America and 90210. 1:00 Scott explains how he came to be the music supervisor. 2:45 The process of getting clearance on music rights. 6:00 What's the value to an artist of getting your music on one of these shows? 7:30 How did you come to work on Entourage? 8:00 What does the job of a music supervisor mean to you? 11:00 Scott explains how his mom turned him on to Twitter. 15:00 Talking about what the next phase of the Internet will be. 18:30 I'm excited to be sitting here in the Sonos listening room today--and to have them supporting the show. If you want to be entered to win a Sonos system, just tweet what your first listening memory was to @twimusik. 21:00 Curating the music curators--is that the next step? 26:00 Discussion of how critical it is to get your music in front of the supervisor for a show. How does an artist approach that? 29:00 Should a young artist have representation for licensing purposes? 32:00 Are there still opportunities for new music discovery on sites like MySpace? 35:00 Sonos is doing something awesome for our viewers--tweet what the first song you remember hearing was to @twimusik to be entered to win a full system. 35:30 Scott, what was the first record you bought? 38:30 How do you make the distinction between something that would be great for a show and something that you'll just love, personally? 41:00 Scott, thanks for joining us. We'll have to get a playlist from you to share with viewers.