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what on earth

what on earth

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Track 05 - Prayer OST

4y ago


Lyrics: No, stay I don't care what you've said or done Don't go away Not now, when life had just begun Come back, and be the woman who I knew Help me to believe in you What on earth am I to do? She's gone, this vision who was not quite real I must move on despite the pain The pain will heal Oh, Lord, how could you let me love like this? No one dies upon a kiss And only fools believe in bliss And yes, God knows I am a fool A man deluded by his wife A figure ripe for ridicule Who's lived a vain and useless life So be it then, I'll play that game I do not give a tinker's damn I'll be a fool, it's all the same It truly doesn't matter what I am God, no! I'm broken, but I'm still alive And slowly I will feel my soul revive With time, I'll find a way to right this wrong If it takes my whole life long Lord, I'll fight my battles all alone But make me strong