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The Scariest Foods in Science And How to Make Exploding Candy

2y ago


Subscribe to io9's We Come From The Future here: Esther and Lauren discuss the creepiest foods science has produced from synthetic potato chips to meat synthesized from human feces. Esther shows you how to make you over own homemade Pop Rocks candy. And find out why Matt Damon is so desperate to get into the "Canada of Space" in his latest film "Elysium". Show Links: Japanese Scientists Make Synthetic Meat Candy Explosion Never Miss An Episode- Subscribe to iO9: We Come From The Future: Check out more "We Come From The Future" here: Visit io9's site: Follow io9 on Twitter: ABOUT WE COME FROM THE FUTURE: io9: We Come From the Future is a news show about science, entertainment and culture from a tomorrow that you wish you lived in today.