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Save Money On Gas - Diy Hybrid Conversion - Best Water Hybrids

1y ago

Description Save Money On Gas - Diy Hybrid Conversion - Best Water Hybrids .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 !important;} Save Money On Gas - DIY Hybrid Conversion - Best Water Hybrids Convert Any Vehicle Into A Hybrid For Under $100 and Start Saving Money And Environment Instantly DID YOU KNOWb You can turn your car and truck into a Environment and Wallet Friendly Hybrid! Almost anyone can do this, even if you have no mechanical experience! Our illustrated step-by-step DIY conversion guide will show you exactly how to build and install your own hybrid system into virtually any vehicle! The process has been simplified and youAll learn the secret behind water fueled vehicles, the technology as well as the conversion. The manual features easy to follow illustrated steps. Not only that, but there is also specifics of where you can buy all of the components you need right off the shelf. Works in ,. Updated: Jan 2012, 9 Bonus Guides added included HFE Dry Cell blueprints and instructions! Learn How to Easily Replicate Hydrogen Hybrid Technology, used for over 50 Years by The Military, NASA, Scientists, Universities and recently Car Makers such as Honda, BMW and Lexus Guaranteed! For over 50 years international institutions, universities, engineering associations and independent testing labs have been compiling documentation and test results proving that small amounts of hydrogen added to the internal combustion engine significantly reduces toxic emissions, increases engine performance and provides a more complete burn of the fuel resulting in better gas mileage Who Else Wants Save on Gas and Protect The Environment b If You Can Follow Simple Illustrated Instructions, You can Convert Your Vehicle in a Hybrid. Gas Prices on the Rise! There are so many reasons for gas prices increasing! Gas corporations are getting greedy, bad policies are in place and the affairs in the Middle East arenAt helping either. As a result, this impacts us every time that we are at the gas pump and even at the grocery store. Instead of helping put more money in other peopleAs pocket, take action for your own wallet What Are You Waiting For b This is the lowest conversion kit you will find on the market A" Guaranteed! You can use regular tap water A" forget about using special water additives. Only about 32 ounces of water are needed at a time without refilling again for months. Other guides have you installing several gallon water tanks A" this just isnAt necessary. Watch the Savings You can increase your mileage and boost your engine performance while also saving over 40% on fuel costs. You could increase your fuel economy by 30 A" 105%. Your savings could be about $110 per month A" thatAs over $1,000 per year. Within the first year youAve more than made up for the price of the kit, so there is absolutely nothing standing in your way. Our guide has been written by professionals and the illustrations are made while the construction and installation was actually going on. It is the safest and highest quality kit that you can produce. Almost 97% of the other guides on the market are selling you information and guides that we add in as a FREE bonus A Better Environment ! When you switch your car to become a water hybrid, you are producing cleaner emissions, thereby doing your part to keep the environment as clean as possible. Other cars are just hurting the situation. You can be part of the solution now! Learning the Facts about Water Hybrids ! There are a few things you need to know about water hybrids so you can understand why this kit is such a great asset to your car and your finances. The conversion will not void the warranty of your car. This is because the kit is 100% reversible. You are not damaging any parts in the process. This works on gas or diesel powered cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. Works with plain tap water. You donAt need to buy any fancy water or dilute with any additives. Whatever comes ou...