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Save The Arctic: Our World, Their Life, My Home

2y ago


Follow this link to go to my Arctic Rising page and sign on to the Greenpeace #SaveTheArctic petition today! (Once on the page, click on "Join the Arctic Rising"!) My name is Erika Tran and I currently live in Toronto, Canada, but I was originally born in the Yukon - a beautiful place on Canadian soil and part of the world's Arctic region. I hope that you'll all join me in the fight to save what we cherish so deeply, what the Arctic creatures depend on, and the place I call home. With all of us hand-in-hand, our heads high, and our voices loud, I KNOW we can fight for the preservation of such a pristine part of our planet. And I thank every person for giving me a chance to see my hometown again. We can and we will win this! Check out my Arctic Rising page and give me a chance to go to the North Pole with Greenpeace to plant a time capsule at the bottom of the Arctic sea with 1 million signatures protesting Arctic drilling. The Arctic is under threat, it's time to save it! Thank you to everyone for your help and support! Contact: