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Save The Arctic: Our World, Their Life, My Home

4y ago


Hello! My name is Erika Tran. I'm a passionate eco-warrior, photography lover, with an abundant zest for life! I live in Toronto, Canada, but my home is the Yukon, where I was born, raised, and made my most wonderful memories. I still remember sledding with my brother and sisters, opening my door to waist-high snow, and even the -50C weather. But the people, landscapes, and incredible memories made up for frostbitten toes any day. And to think that big bureaucratic oil companies want to take this away infuriates me. We have the technology and resources to obtain cleaner forms of fuel. But the world is run by fear, fear of not having enough, fear of running out, fear of the unknown, fear of change. But what if we look at it a different way? One thing we can always count on is change. We wouldn't have the great technology we have without accepting change, nor would we be able to embrace the diversity of people and cultures without embracing change. So what's to say that change won't bring about the better for the economy and the environment? I've created this video in hopes of reaching out to the world with my story, to communicate the dire need to preserve such a pristine part of our planet, and that it's not just a beautiful landmark, but also a home. Sometimes, I think we just have to open ourselves up and just hope that people will embrace the passion we have within. The arctic region is my home, and I'm fighting with all the strength and passion in me to ensure to sanctity of it. I hope everyone will join me in this fight, because if we keep our heads high and voices loud, we can and will Save The Arctic! Go to: and sign the petition today to help make the Arctic a global sanctuary! Contact: