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in a dream

in a dream

Sarah Fimm-Red Yellow Sun (from the Sparkle Park)

4y ago


Video by Heyrick Chasse From June 10th-June 30th the small park at the Bear Complex (the area directly behind the Bearsville Theater itself), will be sprinkled with thousands of small mirrors for an art installation entitled, 'Mirrors of Near Infinite Possibility'. Also known to Sarah as "The Sparkle Park". The presentation is meant to honor artists both living and departed. During the day, a stunning array of twinkles will become visible. At night, thousands of glowing small worlds will be illuminated. The names of visionary musicians, artists and poets who have in some way contributed to the inspiration for this project, will glow all night long beside the river. 3-D Glasses will be available for those who visit the installation from 5-8 p.m! During these visiting hours we will be creating spontaneous acoustic music, art projects, and constructing a small pocket of optical magic in the woods, where reality can be momentarily suspended. On June 30th, the final evening of the Sparkle Park Installation there will be a gala celebration featuring a concert performance at the theater, by Sarah Fimm joined by many notable Woodstock musicians. Artwork from the international collective of artists known as 'Inspire Art', will be projected inside the main theater as we celebrate into the night. In honor of Ian Sharp (February 17th, 1978 -- March 25th, 2012) Performing artists include the following: Joel Bluestein, David Baron, Danny Blume, Andrew Shober, Manuel Quintana , Pete Caigan , Peter Buettner, Jeffrey Barnes, Denise Parent , Jeremy Bernstein, The Hooligans Show: Saturday, June 30th, 7:30PM Where: Bearsville Theater 291 Tinker St. Woodstock, NY 12498 845.679.4406 To purchase tickets go to All donations and ticket sales collected during the installation and the show on June 30th will go directly to the SEVA Foundation. Co-founded by the legendary Wavy Gravy, the SEVA foundation is working fiercely to prevent blindness in underdeveloped communities around the globe and to build a better future for Native American communities by empowering their leaders and planting seeds for change. More information about Seva can be found at June 18, 2012 a life-sized sculpture entitled 'Ghost Dancer', has been placed within Sarah Fimm's outdoor Sparkle Park behind the Bearsville Theater, located at 291 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498. When wearing proper eye-wear within the Sparkle Park he will appear suspended in thousands of rainbows. Ghost Dancer will remain on location until July 1st! Lucinda Abra is a local artist who has both shown regionally, in New York City and in Europe. The sculpture Ghost Dancer came to Abra in a dream. At a time when we must chose how to best integrate serving our planet and our selves, the sculpture represents the dichotomy between the Native Americans who once lived in our localities within a natural environment and the overwhelming amount of plastic and artificiality that has replaced their way of life. For more on how this sculpture was created go to her website: For more information on Sarah Fimm and all upcoming projects: or visit