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Samsung Galaxy S - The Carphone Warehouse - eye openers

4y ago


The Carphone Warehouse Eyeopeners - The Samsung Galaxy S is set apart by its huge, vibrant screen and heaps of smartphone features. Samsung has played to its strengths by delivering great hardware and mostly leaving the software side of things to Google's Android operating system. The Galaxy S' screen is a 4-inch Super AMOLED and yet the handset is light at only 119g. The super AMOLED screen means that we get insanely bright colours but none of the problems that arise with regular AMOLED screens which become invisible in bright sunlight and the 480 X 800 pixel resolution is pin sharp. The Galaxy S' hardware lives up to the promise of the screen with HSUPA connectivity ensuring fast Web surfing over 3G, while Wi-Fi works when you have large files to swap. You can even wirelessly share your phone's 3G connection with your other Wi-Fi devices, such as your laptop, thanks to the tethering feature. The Galaxy S offers 8GB or 16GB of internal memory, plus the ability to add up to 32GB more with a microSD card. The Galaxy S has 5-megapixel camera which takes decent photos in good light. If you want good detail, it is advisable to use the flash or a LED photo light. With speedy surfing capability and a 1GHz processor, the Galaxy S is generally fast. Menu transitions are smooth and responsive and using a quick pinch of the fingers lets you zoom into the Web browser, maps and gallery applications. There's also an FM radio on-board, and, if you have a Samsung TV, you can use the phone as a remote control. You'll also get access to the Android Market, which is packed with apps that you can easily download and add to your phone, increasing its capabilities and features to an almost infinite extent. Even if you never download an app, Samsung has made sure there are plenty of good ones pre-installed on the Galaxy S. Our favourite is Swype, it's an alternative keyboard that makes writing on the screen faster, because you just have to run your finger over the letters that you want, rather than picking out each one. To activate Swype, you just have to hold your finger on any text field. If you don't like it, you can switch it off just as easily. Many of the features that we used to need apps for on Android, such as support for Outlook email, have now been built into the operating system. The Galaxy S has the latest version of Android installed, 2.1. Samsung has a good track record of updating the operating system of its previous Android phones, which bodes well for the Galaxy S, since version 2.2 of Android is on the way. Along with apps, you can load up the seven home screens with widgets. Some include live updates, providing you with, for example, up-to-the-minute information from social-networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The phone also merges your Facebook and Twitter friends with the contacts in your address book, to help you keep in touch. Samsung has also custom built some apps into the phone, for example, a daily briefing widget which shows the weather, news and calendar for your day ahead. The Galaxy S overflows with dozens more great features like the Aldiko ebook reader, with 2 books preloaded and the augmented-reality app, Layar. With Android's software brains and Samsung's hardware flair, the Galaxy S is a very impressive smart-phone package and lives up to the mobile-computer hype! The Carphone Warehouse Eyeopeners -