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Samsung G800 Review

4y ago


PLEASE READ BELOW FOR A DOWNLOAD LINK! PART 1 = PART 2 = PART 3 = PART 4 = WHOLE VIDEO REVIEW - 95MB = This is the first part of a 4 part video (review) of the features in the brand new Samsung G800 mobile phone. First of all, I hope that you can see and understand all of the details given, it was recorded with a Sony Ericsson K800i, so sound quality won't be great (reformatted with WMM). Hope you can read all the on - screen stuff. I would've showed more within the Picture and Video department, but I only wanted to outline the features and specifications. Please check in the near future, for more Videos about the G800's recording capabilities. You can also download this video (Part 1), from the following link: Unfortunately, this (first) part of the review is in 320x240 resolution, rather than 640x480, like the other three parts. File size is 29mb. Thanks.