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alex clare

alex clare

Salt In My Veins

4y ago


The ocean covers 71% of the earth's surface, well 100% of my life is devoted to being submerged in it. The way I see it, it's me verse the elements. Whether its wrecking myself trying to throw some handle passes, busting an ear drum to free dive a little deeper, or taking a spill on a reef from surfing. My life is about being a waterman, pushing the limits and seeing how free I can feel in one moment. I was able to test H2O Audio's product in my home Abaco, Bahamas doing what I do as a waterman. My experience was definitely taken up a notch having my jams in the water with me. Big thanks to H2O Audio and Lubbers' Landing. Also to the man behind the camera Josh Currie for making the trip to this waterman's paradise. Oh and did I mention my dog can get a beer out of the refrigerator? Check it out! Waterman: Clayton Terry Filmed by: Josh Currie Edited by: Clayton Terry and Josh Currie Sponsored by: H2O Audio Lubbers' Landing Camera: Canon 7D GoPro (For dog getting beer out of the refrigerator) Underwater Housing: ikelite Artist: Alex Clare Song: Too Close Artist: The Dirty Heads Song: Cabin By The Sea Twitter: @ClaytonTerry3