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parallel universe

parallel universe

Sad Story - Blind Puppy Rescued.

2y ago


Donate to the charity: I'm posting this video, because it really touched me! I love all dogs and animals in general, and it made me feel really good inside to know that the people in this video were doing this. I have much respect toward them! Also after watching this video I have decided to donate money to a local animal rescue foundation that helps abandoned dogs like the one in this video. I hope this video touched you the same way it touched me. Thanks for watching. Extra tags for today! (So this video gets more views) Extra Dimensions - Science Talk w/Frederik (due to popular demand) Extra Dimensions - Science Talk w/Frederik (due to popular demand) parallel universe dimension dimensions new technology future technology technology news information technology about technology what is technology science articles latest news information of technology technology information information and technology about information technology information about technology information on technology engineering technology new in technology technology new science technology technology and science