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Ryan Harris Brown - Black & Blue (Acoustic)

4y ago


FREE DOWNLOADS: FACEBOOK: LYRICS: I want to be the last one to kiss you goodnight I want to be the last one you think about as you turn out the light and I want to see those torn up t-shirts that you only wear to bed because my soul's been slowly fraying with you tugging at the thread and every time I try to sleep you're running circles in my head but you don't even notice me and I try so hard but you have no affinity and I will fight and go down like fighters do there'll be broken bones I'll be black and blue there you are, I can see you as the cars flash by and here I am, acting like a fool just to get you to smile there are a thousand other guys who wish you'd call their name and I know they'd go through hell for you because I would do the same tell me what should I do, where should I go? am I waiting for a cue that you'll never show? in my dreams you are lying in my arms beneath a bowl of stars and you need me like I need you © 2012 Ryan Harris Brown.