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Russia Global Security - Strategic Partnership Gerald Carroll Trust NATO UN Security Council Case

4y ago


The Carroll Foundation Trust affair has shed further light on the enormous contribution made by the Carroll Global Corporation during the painful transition period for Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Further high level sources which are understood to be directly from inside the Kremlin have revealed that the personal contribution made by Gerald Carroll during those difficult years can never be repaid sighting the Kremlin tanks crisis events as only one example when the whole of Russia and the world community were teetering on the edge. It is thought that the Carroll Foundation's very close relationships with both 10 Downing Street and the Kremlin elite at the time averted what could well have been a catastrophic scenario. In an amazing further twist it has been revealed that the Russian Investment Corporation which is believed to be the Carroll Foundation's main Russian investment arm continues retain what is believed to be a massive investment portfolio in the Russian economy and undisclosed sources are believed to have remarked that these investments are held under the control of Kremlin aides close to President Putin. International News Networks;