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sexual addiction

sexual addiction

Rush of Fools tackles pornography with Freedom Begins Here

4y ago


Rush Of Fools recently formed an unprecedented ministry partnership with Freedom Begins Here to draw attention to the epidemic issue of pornography and sex addiction within and outside the church. Hosted by Dr. Gary Smalley and Pastor Ted Cunningham, the powerful series of DVD-driven "Toolkits" are designed specifically to empower churches and individuals to face the problem of sexual addiction head on. A startling survey recently revealed that 50% of Christian men and 20% of Christian women admit they are addicted to pornography. Not just struggling...addicted! Rush Of Fools has joined the fight to cure a worldwide epidemic that is destroying marriages, families, careers and even churches. The band's exclusive music video, "Undo" is highlighted as one of the resources among the Freedom Begins Here materials and resource tools. For more information visit