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RSS Aggregator WordPress Plugin - Easy and unlimited Content at the Push of a Button!

1y ago


RSS Aggregator The RSS Aggregator will let you publish content to your blog using RSS feeds. It's an easy, hassle-free way to get updated content without having to manually research, write or edit your own articles! Enter the URL of the RSS feed you want to use You can enter as many RSS feed as you want. Tell the RSS Aggregator how many articles you want to post from the feed each time. You select if you want to also submit the posts to social bookmarking sites (it will then be done automatically) You can select if you want to link back to the source of article (the one from the RSS feed) All links have a "no-follow" tag Select the category (or categories) where you want the post to appear Select the tags you want to be added to each post and That's it! Just four easy steps to instant content! The RSS Aggregator works in the background to update your blog as often as new RSS feed posts are released (of course the plugin takes care of duplicated entries and remove them before they appear). There's no quicker way to build a substantial number of articles without the hassle of writing them all yourself! Just imagine: you have a niche blog on Outdoor Activities with 10 categories such as (boating, fishing, camping, boating, ...). You can now have content automatically posted for each one of these categories, promoted for you, at any frequency you wish...without ever writing a single line... Search Terms: rss aggregator,rss aggregator wordpress,rss aggregator website,rss aggregator php,rss aggregator reviews,rss aggregator script,rss aggregator widget,wordpress