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Rootha Hai Toh Mana Lengeh ,Phir Bhi Na Mana Toh ,Deke Khilona Behlah lengeh -Jwar Bhata (1973)

4y ago


Saira Banu ... Gayatri Dharmendra ... Balraj Das Prasad 'Biloo' (as Dharminder) Sujit Kumar ... Advocate Ramesh Khanna Nasir Hussain ... Durga Das Prasad (as Nazir Hussain) Jeevan ... Iqbal Nath Sunder ... Pandit Shiv Shankar Rajendra Nath ... Anokhe Lal (as Rajindernath) Shammi ... Satwanti Jayshree T. ... Courtesan Phool Kumari Meena T. ... Rekha Nath Baby Guddi Baby Pinky Sabina Randhir ... Gayatri's Father Shivraj ... Dr. Shivraj Widowed and wealthy Durgadas Prasad is the sole owner of Shriman Mills. He has one son, who falls in love with a woman from a poor family. This disappoints Durgadas and he asks his son to leave. His son leaves, gets married, and soon has a son. Unfortunately, Durgadas's son does not live for long, leaving his wife and son destitute. Durgadas has a change of heart and goes around looking for his son and his family, but in vain. Years later Durgadas is much more older and not expected to live long. He recruits a Secretary, Gayetri, who looks after him. Then when his relatives insist that he adopt his distant nephew, Anokhey, he agrees, only to have Gayetri bring home a young man, Billoo, who operates a simple Dal Roti restaurant. Durgadas is jubilant when he verifies that Billoo is indeed his grandson and throws a grand party. After the party, Durgadas passes away, leaving everything in Billoo's hands. Billoo changes his name to Balraj and starts to look after his grandfather's business. Durgadas's relatives, Iqbal Nath, his daughter, Rekha; a cousin, Satwani, and her son, Anokhey; along with Advocate Ramesh Khanna, conspire with each other and concoct of plan - a plan so devious that will not only entrap Billoo and Gayetri in it - but also make them loathe the day they met Durgadas. Director: Adurthi Subba Rao Writer: Rajendra Krishan (dialogue)