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RODNEY KING DEAD: Rodney King's Mysterious Death

4y ago


RODNEY KING DEAD: Rodney King's Mysterious Death Rodney King, who most know as the man at the center of the infamous Los Angeles Riots, was found dead at age 47 last Sunday in Rialto CA. Close friends of Rodney King are questioning his fiancee's story about finding him dead at the bottom of a pool and police are conducting an investigation into his death by drowning. Find NEW MEDIA STEW LIVE show dates/times on: Make sure to watch "How To Deal With BULLIES, HATERS & TROLLS": Please click this link to tweet the video. Stop Hate. Empower Others. Please SUBSCRIBE to and SHARE this video on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. All the cool kids are doing it. Please FAVORITE too! Thanks STEW CREW! Watch NEW MEDIA STEW for the latest in celebrity and pop culture news! For more information on this story, check out the link below. Please also show STEW CREW love to my friends at TMZ and subscribe to their channel! RODNEY KIND DEAD - FRIENDS ARE NOT BUYING FIANCEE'S DEATH STORY RODNEY KING DEAD AT 47 RODNEY KING FOUND DEAD AT 47 FIND ME HERE: Order DVDs & Books: IMDb: Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: PLAYLISTS! MOTIVATIONAL: CELEBRITY NEWS: MOVIE REVIEWS: FITNESS, HEALTH & WELLNESS: & COMEDY SKETCHES & MUSIC VIDEOS: ASK JB: ASK JOHN & GRACE: GET A NEW MEDIA STEW SHIRT! STEW CREW Appearances: Christine Soria: Stephanie Parrott: LuAnn deLesseps: Grace Helbig (aka Daily Grace): TEXT: RODNEY KING DEAD - RODNEY KING'S MYSTERIOUS DEATH Rodney King dead Rodney King death "Rodney King dead" "Rodney King" "Rodney King death" "Rodney King riots" "Rodney King video" "Rodney King beating" "Los Angeles riots" "LA riots" "LA riots 1992" "Rodney King dies" fiancée lies "Cynthia Kelley" bravo "bravo tv" lapd police drowning drowned pool "Damon Feldman" "Jose Canseco" boxing "John Basedow" "Grace Helbig" "daily grace" dailygrace "LuAnn de Lesseps" "Bravo Countess LuAnn" "Countess LuAnn" kondoot "Stephanie Parrott" "new media stew"