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Rod Andrea (Music By: The Ram Rods) - If It's Lovin' You Want (Cobra)

4y ago


Epitome of the tex-mex soul, this uptempo horn driven belter was penned and performed by Rod Andrea, about whom we barely know anything. It was released back in 1965 on the very collectable Abe Epstein's Cobra label out of San Antonio TX. With just a handful copies known and well placed on reputed european collectors and djs, it's in almost anybody else wants list! I was lucky enough to recently grab a copy at a reasonable price that while looking awfully it does actually play very good, judge yourself! If you think this is scarce, there is another version by Henry Roe on the smaller texan label Tomi I don't think barely nobody has ever noticed about. One known copy and one of my biggest wants too. Don't miss out the flipside, the fine ballad "I couldn't leave you" also in my channel!