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rocky 5

rocky 5


4y ago


Directed by: stickhrk BEST SCREENED IN FULL SCREEN Added footage and re-editing by: Oldbiff I thought this video was amazing so we have added Balboa clips. This took a ton of tinkering to get it to work, specially the music. So as was with the original version the music is off. But enjoy - now some words from the original editor - Mistakes in this you need to know about: 1) The Rocky 5 sequence hasnt been done entirely perfect, cause I think they used a different take for the pics in some of the photos + I have only seen Rocky 5 once, so it was hard for me to pin point there location 2) The rest of it is fine as far as I know, I knew exactly where the photos were as I have seen the movies millions of times (havent we all) apart for that one pic of clubber lang, which is the thumbnail pic! I couldn't find that anywhere! 3) The music doesn't match, I moved it a bit to suit me while I was editing. 4) Some of the photos were flopped over on the original because the credits got in the way, since there are no credits over this one, I didnt see the need + I hate flopping pictures. Anyway, the cuts are exatctly on the same place as the original, just without that text, so hope u enjoy it! (more)or(less) Provided By: stickhrk re-edited and added footage - Phineasbg/ Nighthawks Fan Videos