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Staff Picks

Rock Hudson - " Pretty Maids All In A Row " - 1971

2y ago


Black Comedy ! In his first Hollywood film the French director Roger Vadim had boasted a stellar cast & had made the " daring coup " of casting Rock as a murderer ! Rock was excited at the chance to do his first Black Comedy ! The Los Angeles Times ( 5/12/71 ) called it " One of the best performances of his career" and described the film as " a hilarious and outrageous dark satire of American morality ". The N.Y. Times ( 4/29/71 ) found Rock " Remarkably good as the heavy & the film honorable work & consistently fun to watch ". Tom Clark ( in his book Friend of Mine ) "believed to be the finest script he had ever read & the film underwent extensive trimming to qualify for an "R" rating rather than an "X" to be the dermient of the film". L.A.Herald Examiner ( 5/12/71 ) wrote " film is deft, jaded, slightly bizarre, distinctly erotic...and a lot of fun ". In Sunday Sun Times ( 8/15/71 ) Rock described his role " to be he' s a very intriguing character. A part of a totally insane world. A real schizo behind Mr. Nice Guy facade". And in interview with Sandra Shevey in Playgirl Magazine ( February 1974 ) he said " I made one X-rated movie with was a Black Comedy that set out satirize American ideas about sex...You see, this track coach loves his wife too much. Just a little insanity there ! But I love it because it was unrealistic and therefore impossible. They didn't ask you to believe it. Then MGM slashed it. They became very moralistic, which was a bullshit. They just wanted to make it more commercial. So they filmed a new ending witch gave them an R-rating. We had it that the fellow escapes and the last shot has him sailing to Tahiti. But no, they had to make him the heavy, and he has to pay ".