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Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Roberto Pla - Newham Festival "Under the stars" 2010 - 2

4y ago


Master percussionist Roberto Pla and his Latin Big Band performing at The Newham Festival "Under The Stars", August 26, 2010. This festival covers world and classical music, this performance was a celebration of Latin composers and their music. The Band: Featuring: Vocals: Graciela Rodriguez Oswaldo Chacon Mauricio Zapata Tony Danger Rhythm Section: Jose Volga (piano) Elpidio Caicedo (bass) Davide Giovannini (drums) Satin Singh (congas) Dave Pattman (bongos) ROBERTO PLA (timbales) Trumpets: Steve Dawson Neil Morley Chris Batchelor Tony Fisher Trombones: Eddie Rieband Katarzyna Kuchnicka Matthew Benson Saxophones: Carlos Lopez Real (alto sax) Lisa Grahan (alto sax) Ben Somers (tenor sax) Robert Leake (baritone sax) Sound Engineer: Carlitos Zapata Photos by: Cesar Rodriguez