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Robert Prechter on the Bullishness of an EU Breakup and the coming Global Deflation

4y ago


Robert Prechter on the Bullishness of an EU Breakup and the coming Global Deflation Published on Jun 4, 2012 by CapitalAccount Welcome to Capital Account. Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros says the EU is like a bubble and authorities will not be able to meet the demands of the market coming up. It doesn't keep Eurocrats from pushing for new master integration plans. But are they doomed to fail when the mood is this negative? Was the very formation of the EU made possible by a secular bull market and the psychology that accompanies it? We are talking about bull market mania. RobertPrechter, founder of Elliot Wave International, joins us to explain. Meanwhile, an MF Global trustee takes aim at Jon Corzine in a report. The trustee says he may sue the former CEO, as well as other MF Global executives for negligence and breach of fiduciary duty. And the New York Times reports Bank of America's top executives and those meant to police them are likely to catch heat following revelations about the bank's bad behavior during the financial crisis. Does bear market psychology mean we'll see more aggressive attempts to hold bankers accountable? And is the downturn in the Dow a harbinger of a major economic contraction ahead? What can the stock market tell us about social mood, and what is the likelihood that we could be staring down the barrel of another recession? Again, Robert Prechter of Elliot Wave International will give us his take on today's show. Category: News & Politics OK... Maloney is okay, Lire clueless wannabe but this guy is the demon of doom! This guy is 90% wrong on all his predictions. Ela re Dimitri, dioxtous olous aftous tour ilithious. dezzdev 5 days ago robert precther...listen to him don't trade on him....90% wrong ednan9 6 days ago Lauren wearing that tiny skirt, sitting next to a picture of a well-endowed bull...I thought "subliminal" was supposed to be "subtle"! RogueReplicant 1 week ago hmm, youtube works better in Opera jamvaru 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos very vestil! something substantive? isn't this a waste of time? isn't the real answer to just say NO to the world system? grow vegetables, sell solar power back to the grid, etc? and support your local green party (or take it over in the name of real green stuff) jamvaru 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos I think she is pushing for inflation. Her skirt could be a little shorter but not much. SidneyBoud 1 week ago I love your dress, classy Ida Pagnottella 1 week ago The price of oil per barrel is dropping like a rock. Natural gas has gone from $32 to nearly $2! Why, then, am I still paying $4.15 at the pump in California? Because the state is taking the difference in taxes to make up for their budget shortfall. We are going to see a stock market crash greater than 2008, as Prector said. In addition, the real purchasing power of the dollar will go poof. Stock up on silver and gold, food, water, guns and ammunition. That's where the next bull market will be. johnlainekunkle 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos What Prector meant, I believe, when he said that the rise in the Dow was really reflective of a decrease in the value of prices, he was talking about inflation. Inflation in not 3%, it's closer to 30%, especially when the real effect of QE 0, 1, 2, and soon to be 3 hit. It takes about 18 months to 24 months for the effect of the increase in the money supply to work it's way through the system. johnlainekunkle 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos