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art direction

art direction

RIZUMIK TEASER - Beatbox Rhythm

4y ago


Rizumik is a rhythmic soul that expresses itself essentially through beatbox and percussion. "Rhythm is all about the worlds compass. Everything exists within a cycle. Every happening has its own timing and every action its own beat. I try to feel that clearly as time goes by. I need to communicate the rhythm that i feel and that runs in my veins. It's like a language... It comes out naturally, without much effort. It's a true and natural way of communication. In this music, and in this video, we transmit energy, and fast changes. We like to think of it as a conscious disorder of balance, as things go up and down... It's the white and the black... the good and the bad... the yin and the yang. Contrast." Tiago Grade (RIZUMIK) - Direction, Concept & Idea: Tokyo o'Clock Art Direction: Tokyo o'Clock, Sebastian Murra(MU!) & Javier Verdugo 3D Animation: Sebastian Murra(MU!) & Javier Verdugo Post-Production: Tokyo o'Clock Camera Operators: Tokyo o'Clock, Pedro Strelkow & Fernando Akira Beatbox: Tiago Grade (RIZUMIK) Audio Mixing: Frederico C. Costa