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Review: OzQRP MST400 40m SSB transceiver kit

4y ago


Reviewing and testing the MST400 40m SSB QRP transceiver kit. In this video I describe this new Australian-developed QRP transceiver kit and give it a work out from a local beach. The MST400 covers 40m SSB and puts out about 5 watts. It is a conventional circuit, making use of the common NE602/SA612, IRF510 and LM386 combination. An 80m version is also available, as is the DDS VFO for use with other QRP projects. The MST400 kit is short-form, including the circuit board and some major/hard to get parts, meaning you must source most parts yourself. I do several tests, including receive sensitivity, opposite sideband rejection, transmit frequency stability and general usability. In all cases performance was very good to excellent. While not suggested for the beginner, the successful builder will be rewarded with an excellent transceiver ideal for home and portable use. I highly recommend it. Thanks to Peter VK2TPM for his old camera (used for this video) and Leon VK2DOB for the loan of the pre-built unit. Further details including the manual and ordering information can be found at