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nick pope

nick pope

Revelations: The Olympics And Alien Invasion 7-18-2012

4y ago


DOWNLOAD LINK: UK MoD UFO expert Nick Pope has said that the London Summer Olympics might bring with them a major UFO event. While he said that they would probably come in peace, he also said that British military defenses would be ready. There are some very unusual symbols hidden in the Olympics logo and other 2012 Olympic symbols. Do they have some sort of hidden meaning, whether aliens are going to show themselves or not? Chad Stuemke returns to Revelations to explain the significance of the symbols, and the connection between Glastonbury Tor, the poet and esotericist William Blake and the opening ceremony. (Glastonbury Tor has traditionally been identified as the place of the second coming, and is also one of the great power centers of the ancient pagan religion.) Years ago, a seer prophesied all of this, including the connection between the opening ceremony and Blake. He has since died, but Chad knew him well and describes his amazingly accurate prophecies. Or could an 'alien appearance' actually be a 'false flag' operation? Or has all of the symbolism appeared as it has because of unconscious influences on the designers? This will be one of the most fascinating interviews you have heard in a good long time. Visit Chad's website here.