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in the spirit

in the spirit

Retro Grand Prix: Chou Aniki Bakurestu Rantou Hen!

4y ago


Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Lester and Chris make their RGP debuts! If you like GameCenter CX, you'll love this! In the spirit of Iron Gamer, Retro Rumble, and the classic game show Starcade!! Opening theme: "Shatterhand" by Famicombit used with permission from the artist. (check out their other amazing tracks at All other music licensed via creative commons: "Civil Way" by Sabate "bflat theme" by Alastair Campbell "Sweet Fruit" by 8bitchintendo Thanks to Dazz and Domobot from spritersresource for the sprite rips and videogameden for the manual scans.