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down south

down south

Resisting Tyranny in CheckPoint City, USA

4y ago


Update: May 17, 2013 - This story has picked up steam with the arrest of Cosme Cortez Jr. at this very same checkpoint. Watch the video report: The video begins with a view of the DHS checkpoint on the way back down South IH-35. My hometown of Laredo, TX, the "Gateway City" (or CheckPoint City) is surrounded on all sides by Homeland Security and CBP checkpoints, all approximately 30-40 miles from the border, in America. Laredo is presently occupied by the U.S Army's Joint Task Force North (Apache, Black Hawk helicopters, tanks, soldiers and all) running "drills" along the border ( ). It is soon to be occupied by UAV drones ( ). No more. I've had enough. You are the resistance. TOR on the WEB: UPDATE (w/ Links) Wired: ACLU Assails 100-Mile Border Zone as 'Constitution-Free' - "Law" 8 USC § 1357 - Powers of immigration officers and employees: United States v. Martinez-Fuerte - 428 U.S. 543 (1976): Analysis of "Law" Berardi Immigration Center: Immigration and Policy Center - Authority of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents: An Overview: On United States v. Martinez-Fuerte: Dissenting Opinion by Justice Brennan: "Today's decision is the ninth this Term marking the continuing evisceration of Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures." BOTTOM LINE: "Reasonable suspicion", "mere suspicion", U.S. Code, court cases... In the end, none of it matters. Internal checkpoints in America, or any "free society" are wrong. Period.