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state police

state police

Republican National Delegates and Alternates to the RNC Tampa Florida August Convention

2y ago


Calling all Republican Nation Convention in Tampa Florida this August. Join in the historic lawsuit now before the courts to protect the delegates the plaintiffs in the case. There is no cost to any delegates whatsoever for joining. The lawsuit seeks a courts guidance whether delegates are free to vote their conscience at the convention free from fear, coercion or threats of any kind. The lawsuit also seeks to have the court order Federal Marshals to protect the delegates since RNC state apparatus has recently been injuring delegate with hired security and off-duty police. Federal Marshals are superior to local and state police and are under the authority of the Department of Justice. The lawsuit seeks to have Federal Marshals in all areas of the Tampa Bay Forum Convention center including at all doorways, the parking lot, and in the aisles on the floor of the convention to specifically protect the delegates. All National Delegates and Alternates are urged to call 1 850. 417. 8543 And visit Ron Paul can help save the American Dream #indivisible