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Rent-To-Own terms explained - "Rent To Own"

3y ago


Today I'll be explaining the term "Rent-To-Own". In real estate, Rent-To-Own is used to describe a type of purchase that is preceded by a period of time where the property is leased. In this arrangement, the lease includes a provision to allow the lessee (that's the person leasing the property) an option to buy it. The preferred term for "Rent-To-Own" is "lease option" home purchase. Rent-To-Own homes are a great option for home buyers whose credit needs some work, or who don't have the down payment saved up quite yet. It allows them to move into the home right away - without even needing a mortgage loan - and gives them time to exercise their option to buy. specializes on Rent-To-Own homes, and has millions of rent-to-own listings nationwide. Go to to learn more about home buying, and to find a great rent-to-own home for you and your family.