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glory days

glory days


4y ago


They were anti-drugs, pro safe sex and always promoting black rights. Today all we get is Rick Ross yammering on about selling crack. Somewhere between Afrika Bambaataa and Young Money the positive message rap music had to offer got LOST. What's worse are the videos. Have you seen an actual rap video lately? They are being formulaically pumped out under the following conditions: 1part explicit content, 1part video hoes, 1part flossin, 1part reference to raps glory days. TRUST people, we got all of that and MORE. The video itself was filmed by Gui Lebel with artistic direction from Captain Tom and the Vulture. While wandering around our local Value Village, trying to find the most ridiculous outfits to wear, we had an epiphany for our photo entry this year: post-production! We figured that all of the other entries would do the creative aspect of the photo portion before shooting the photos themselves, i.e. costumes, sets, etc. We decided to go entirely post-production. Inspired by some classic album work, we decided to make an album sleeve for the single which would tie our video and photo entries together nicely. Album art was huge in the 60′s and 70′s, so we decided to incorporate some into the album sleeve. Enter Captain Tom. He spent sleepless nights in the studio overlaying art and animation on our photos to create the album sleeve. The end results are below. The idea was that these can actually be folded up in CD case and could be used to as an album sleeve for the "single" (and EP to be released in early 2012). Below is our original photo submission, look carefully or you might miss something! (we had to cut them up to get them online you can see how they connect to form one image below)