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masonry wall

masonry wall


4y ago


Index of Daily Doses: Jaroslav Bernkopf from the Czech Republic asked: Please could you explain the meanings of the word "render"? I render video projects quite often but I am not able to explain the word. I set out in this Daily Dose of English to answer him. I hope my explanation helps you, too. Well, you almost rendered me speechless with that request, Jaroslav. You see, render has many, many meanings. let's go through them here. To perform a service is to render a service. You render a service to someone. To coat a brick wall or a masonry wall with its first layer of plaster is to render, to apply render... So, you can render the wall of your house with a layer of plaster... or rendering as it's called. You can return thanks... You can render your thanks. You can reproduce something, or... represent it in an artistic way. You render the scene from a war... In his painting he rendered the scene. You can play or perform music... They rendered the works of Mozart... and from that we get rendition. It was a wonderful rendition of Mozart's work. To translate... into another language... is to render it. We can render English into Spanish, or Japanese, or French, or German. You can make something or cause something to become something... As in... Your request rendered me speechless. You can extract something by heat... by melting it... That's called rendering. We have factories that render the fat of animals into lard and other oils. And these days it also has the meaning that Jaroslav has alluded to... which is... to change digital information into a form that we can view on a computer monitor. After I've recorded this video I'm going to render it into a form that you can watch. If you're watching this now, you're watching the rendered version. When I'm recording it, I'm producing digital information. So, Jaroslav, that's what it means.