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REN101 - Promoters

4y ago


Incubus manager Steve Rennie is back this week here on Maker Music with his third episode of REN101. This week Steve tells us why it's a good idea to be the promoter's best friend in the music biz and why building an audience even at small clubs and venues is so important. Make sure to keep tuning in every Thursday here on Maker Music to learn more from Steve and of course check out his channel: Tweet us - ‪ Follow Steve Subscribe: ‪‪‪ Facebook: ‪ Tumblr: ‪ InstaBAM: @makermusic GADI CREATIVE 2012 -------------- Incubus "Brandon Boyd" "Steve Rennie" Renman renmanmb Ren101 lesson promoter promoters concert tour venue booking education "music business" industry "music industry" business music "music video" Maker Music" Maker music "Maker Studios" studio studios presents "Los Angeles" Los Angeles 2012 YouTube "indie music" "rock music" tour agent question answer "how to" YouTube learning experience See what's next on Maker.TV ►