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4y ago


REMIX is a green house environment of growth for those wanting to train and move other YWAMers into the spheres or be sent as a YWAMer into a specific sphere. Terms like network, gathering, technology, justice, glo-cal, missional community, movement, lifestyle and others...all come into play to see that goal accomplished. The Tribe is becoming that movement for YWAMers to enter the spheres of society within all nations, continuing to stay connected and be trained alongside others who are living the same mission. And The Tribe is bringing out the some great voices to help you launch into the next stage of your mission! 12 weeks. In Kona, Hawaii. Learning from the best. Best part of it, it's only going to cost $650 per month for teaching, food and housing in HAWAII! How are we able to do that? Because from 8am-12pm you will be getting your heart, mind and soul "transformed" followed by 1pm-5pm "serving" your heart, mind and soul out in a critical area of our University of the Nations Kona Campus. Yea, thats a good deal. If you're reading this and you're stirred, then plan to arrive in Kona, HI on September 27th 2012 and plan to be here until December 21st 2012. There will also be some optional outreach options for you. For More Info GO Here! -