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Remanufacturer Gears Up to Canon Challenge

4y ago


David Gibbons presents this week's news: 1. One of the largest remanufacturers in the world says it has a solution to the Canon drum gear issue. 2. The controversial No Print Day has been called off in the face of industry anger. 3. Clover Holdings prove they are significantly helping the environment. 4. Thousands of office printers around the world have been spewing out pages of gibberish due to a computer virus. 5. Lexmark plans to reduce the environmental impact of printers in Australia and New Zealand. 6. Future Graphics insists they will not support counterfeiting and cloning of printer cartridges. 7. The fight between Kodak and Collins never ends. 8. A software-maker launches a free printer driver, promising to save users up to 60% on toner, ink and paper. 9. Art Diamond says four factors are hindering the development of remanufacturing industry.