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adam smith

adam smith

The Religion of Usury Pt.1 - Adam Smith

4y ago


The Religion of Usury Pt.1 - Adam Smith Watch also part 2 : These are some of the essential videos done by the Larouche Movement, all of which should be carefully studied many times over even if possible.. And sharing these everywhere u can is considered a good idea as well..., so please help us to help you and Spread Them Widely. The World needs to Learn a Thing or Two These Days, right..? 1.) 1932 - A True History of the United States 2.) Firewall: 3.) Glass-Steagall, The Complete Story... 4.) - The New Dark Age - 5.) The Harvard Yard: Fraud of Modern Education 6.) LaRouche Classroom: How to Think to Save The Economy 7.) Ecosystems - A Genocidal Fraud 8.) Plato Versus Aristotle - Economy and Philosophy k For more go to: Donate To LaRouchePAC Now: