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Reef Casino Candid security camera

5y ago


CCTV footage showing people having sex, girls changing clothes and fights taken from a Cairns casino and uploaded to YouTube does not break the law until someone in the video makes a complaint. A disgruntled employee is believed to be behind the CCTV footage taken from the Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns and posted on the video sharing website. Up to six videos were posted on YouTube last week from casino cameras showing compilations of fights, girls changing their clothes and even a couple having sex on a park bench. Advertisement: Story continues below An investigation was launched by police and a spokeswoman said no actual crime had been committed until one of the people in the videos complained. Reef Hotel Casino chief executive Allan Tan said the casino was doing its own investigation and the footage had been stolen more than a year ago. He said there were adequate procedures in place to stop the sometimes sensitive footage being stolen. "How do you stop someone from wanting to commit an act of criminality?" he said. "You can't but it is a lot harder to steal the footage now. "When the footage was taken we had an analogue system and now it is digital. "It's also about training and ensuring there is an understanding the material belongs to the casino." Mr Tan said the footage was first published on YouTube a year ago but had been reposted in the past five days.