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RedefineHipHop: Big Dad of L.A. Posse Part 2 of 6

4y ago


Read The Full Story on Big Day Of The L.A. Posse + more Hip Hop History HERE: In Part Two there are a several things that Big Dad discusses that blow my mind! We talk about their main MC, Breeze (known for his "T.Y.S.O.N" album that had the "L.A. Posse" theme song and video). The L.A. Posse's first dealings with Def Jam was a Breeze contract that had him signed to the label for about 2 ½ years and recording an estimated 200-300 songs at Chung King Studios...NONE of which were ever released and remain locked in a vault somewhere! He speaks about how Breeze was signed to Def Jam, not just for his talent, but also to put some fire under LL Cool J to make sure that the increasing fame didn't make him lose his hunger. Big Dad shares stories of L.A. Posse and Breeze riding on the "Raising Hell" tour bus to learn the "lifestyle". He tells of how Jam Master Jay became a close friend and outlines the story of when and how he named them The L.A. Posse*. We learn why they decided to fly DJ Bobcat out to NY to work with them and how Bobcat impressed LL Cool J so much on that first day that LL asked him to be his DJ**. He details the day Russel Simmons called him out of the blue and told him to call LL Cool J (who he hadn't really met yet) and tell him to come into the studio with them to vibe together...the session that would lead to them producing the Classic "Bigger And Deffer" album!!! -Editor's Notes: *-This fact makes another Hip Hop mystery even more interesting. There were two L.A. Posse's in the 80s, Big Dad's crew generally is recognized as the first. The other was Mikey D and the L.A. Posse. In this case the LA stood for the part of Queens they were from, Laurelton. The original strange part was that Mikey D has also made claims that LL Cool J got some of his style from him, saying LL was a young cat around the way who wanted to be down when Mikey was becoming a Park Jam MC Legend in Queens. I always found that strange since both L.A. Posse's had a "connection" to LL. To add to it, we now know that they were actually given the name by another Queens native, Jam Master Jay... **Cut Creator is usually who we think of in terms of LL's DJ in this early part of his career (there are in fact two different DJs who used the named Cut Creator for LL). Once LL met Bobcat, Bobcat became a active part of the production team, mixing his turntablism with the production, which we'll hear about more later in this series. Also, he was involved in doing some of the scratches. I actually learned this fact when LL toured for "Bigger And Deffer". For his set, LL had both Bobcat and Cut Creator set up in DJ booths, which I thought was cool to have two DJs rocking, but it was sort of a Hip Hop culture shock when on his track, "Go Cut Creator Go" that I looked to watch Cut Creator go off on the cuts and what I found was Bobcat ripping the cuts and Cut Creator chilling wiping his face with a towel...during his "theme" made me sad. Text Written and Interview Conducted By Kevin Beacham Video Shot & Edited By Adam Stanzak for Oh Boy Films