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fc dallas

fc dallas

Red Shamrock sings loud and proud for FCD

4y ago


Our Mission: SING LOUD - SING PROUD! Be a positive force for FC Dallas and have fun! We are a "Union" of fans who are "positive" thinkers. We see the good in FC Dallas and support them through good times and bad. We don't just watch the game, we change the game. Our hearts are full of hope and our voices are tinged with passion, ablaze with the desire to will FCD to victory. We believe the passion of a fan is measured by how loud & sustained the cheer and by how much fun they have. We challenge our members to be passionate and original in their support of FC Dallas. We welcome fans of all ages into our union... veterans, new-comers, individuals, families, couples and youth groups that are passionate and always look on the bright side of life. If you love FCD and go to games to sing, chant and have fun in a positive way, you will find a home with us.